Wendy E. Reynolds - Owner/Chief Pilot/Adventure Seeker

Workaholic and perfectionist, Wendy owned and operated her own seaplane charter business for over 10 years before starting Leading Edge Imagery.  Her expertise in aviation and the aerial view, along with her passion for cinematography and ecology now pairs perfectly with Leading Edge's UAV mission. She is a Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Alumni and environmental activist, who prefers life outdoors and "with a little elevation".

Stefan J. Beaumont - Cinematographer/Editor/Adrenaline Junkie

What can we say about Stefan? Graduate of SUNY film program and now owner and Director of Photography at Red Vault Productions, he is a cinemagraphic force to be reckoned with.  His passion for beauty and story telling through the lens  shows in the detail of his work.  His surf, ski and outdoors background lead him to be the perfect environmental awareness and extreme sport story teller.

Charly - Cat/Quality Control/Critic

This feline prides herself in being extremely discerning, with a "no fuss" kinda attitude.  She will not let a picture, video or map go out unless its up to her nit picky, "I have the last say so" standards.   You will thank her.

It takes all kinds...